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WordPress and SEO Fundamentals

Cover slide for WordPress SEO Essentials Charleston

WordPress and SEO fundamentals for your business

The topic of SEO has mystified more than a few people over the years.

However, with a few steps, most SMBs can achieve their SEO goals, but, it takes planning and strategy. In my opinion, the problem is that many have believed that high ranking is something which one buys, not earns. High SERPs results placement is earned by having great content that is useful to your site’s visitors; by a site that is updated and in compliance, and by being socially active on the web.

Click the link to view my presentation WordPress and SEO Fundamentals. Note that there are hyperlinks within the presentation to resources which will add further depth to it.

If you need assistance planning your website taxonomy, strategy and developing content, give me a call. I’m for hire.

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