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What is PR these days? – An interview with Marketing Mentor’s Ilise Benun

Podcast covering PR practices in 2017

In advance of the Revolve Conference I had the great pleasure of chatting with Ilise Benun* of Marketing Mentor’s podcast series.

During the podcast interview with Ilise, we discuss many of the changes to PR over the last decade and how this impacts each business as well as the practice of public relations.

In this podcast learn:

  • The value of being a self publisher of your own news
  • What value an outside PR firm brings to your business
  • The differences between owned, earned and paid media
  • The value of long-form content

Click for my slide deck/presentation from Revolve Conference

Want to know more about Ilise Benun?

Ilise’s presentation at Revolve Conference 2017 focused on making the best use of your time at conferences, learning how to initiate conversations and how to interact in an enjoyable way. Every attendee at Revolve who ever attended a meeting or event and bewailed their inability to make connections learned valuable tips. [View Ilise’s presentations on SlideShare.]

Ilise is a knowledgeable coach for creative professionals. In speaking with her at Revolve, I learned that she loves what she does and approaches everything with great good sense and humor as well as humility. She’s a powerful source of support for creatives. As the author of 7 books and presenter at national conferences, Ilise has served many in the marketing and design fields by providing insightful guidance and accountable nurturing. 

*Featured Image: My photo of Ilise photographed during her presentation at Revolve.