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At our May 6, 2020 weekly Marketing Round Table let’s talk reputation management

A few weeks ago we wrote a post about reputation management. It’s a topic that comes up a lot when we speak with business owners who are working to manage their online presence and ensure that their presentation to the public is in line with their brand.

Bad Reviews and Your Business

We all know that a bad review on Yelp or Google can influence a customer’s buying behavior. For professional service businesses, Clutch, Healthgrades and AVVO also should be proactively used.

Two thumbs down reviews are bad for your business

What should you say when responding to a poor review? Or should you ignore them? How can you counteract Google search results which show negative things about your owner or your business?

Learn about Managing Your Business Reputation

What’s involved in managing your own reputation? What should you look out for? What should you assign to a public relations agency? Bring your questions about reputation management and your brand to our conversation. Sign up for our free, weekly, virtual Round Table by visiting our website.


Featured Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


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