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Video Tutorial: Using Google Trends for Marketing Research

How can Google Trends help me determine what to post or share?

In previous blog posts we have discussed techniques and sites to use for research when planning blog topics and or planning a social media calendar. In this post we offer our video overview of how to use Google Trends as a research tool.

Google Trends is one of the sources we use when we want to gain insight. This powerful research tool provides local, targeted and specific information which you may find helpful if you are researching consumer insights or needs. Google also suggests related search phrases and provides indexing regarding that query’s dominance.

In this comparison search on Google Trends, we input social media marketing and Facebook marketing as search queries to gain insight about. One observes that the volume of information about Facebook marketing exceeds social media marketing over time.

Google Trends comparison

Not only can you view trends over time, you can view the volume of interest in your own geographic area.

explore regional interest in a topic using google trends

Using Google Trends will help you determine interest in potential new products, help define topics for blog posts, help define subject interest to drive social media marketing and give you insights when planning digital marketing campaigns.


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