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Public Relations

Ensure your website is updated with your latest news

What honors and awards or news have you gained? 

One of our clients was recently quoted in several international news outlets. However his website didn’t reflect those citations. How are his prospective clients to know about his media mentions without reading about them on his website? 

We proposed adding a new section to his site in order to share his earned media mentions. Now, after the work has been completed, his site is fresh with the latest news.

How long has it been since you updated your website with your company’s news? Do you still list staff members who have long sailed on to other firms?

Keeping a website updated simply requires a plan and ongoing assessment.

You may have someone on staff at your firm to keep your site up to date, or you may contract with an outside consultant or agency such as Charleston PR to post your updates on your behalf. The important thing is to make sure these positive accolades and news are publicized.

Steps to keep your website content updated:

  1. Once a quarter: invite staff to review your company website and note what needs to be updated or posted. You can create a Google Form that collects input into a spreadsheet and notifies you of those updates. This way everyone’s comments and notes are collected and organized.
  2. Decide which assets you need to post new content. You may need new personnel headshots, or scans of certificates or digital badges that note awards or accomplishments.
  3. Gather assets and notes about the accomplishments and transmit these to your digital content manager or webmaster or public relations and marketing agency.
  4. Once the new content has been posted, be sure your social media marketing person is aware of them so they may use this new content in your social media.

Need assistance? Give us a call. Or make an appointment to chat about our services. We simplify keeping your site’s content fresh.

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