We’re ever so grateful to amazing people allowing us to do enriching work for their companies.

We’re thankful that they’ve allowed us to make some music with them. Don’t take our word for it. Let them tell you about what it’s like to be our clients.

Professional, thorough, responsive, and efficient are just a few of the words I would use to describe my experience working with Cheryl and Bill. I absolutely can trust and depend on them for whatever I need to manage my website. We've experienced a positive increase in web leads since we began working with them.

Bonnie Schnautz - B Renewed Wellness Solutions

"You really helped with the press release and follow-up, which yielded some great coverage. People came into the shop and said, when I began to explain, 'Oh yeah.  I know about this. I read about it.' But the Social Media was key. I could never have kept up with all of that."

Susan Hull Walker - Ibu Movement

Charleston PR was referred by a trusted colleague. The firm has had a big role in spotlighting The Ponds since Kolter came on board. The firm is a wonderful asset to us. We have been very pleased by the coverage of The Ponds in the media and have received a lot of positive feedback.

Mike McLendon - Kolter Homes at The Ponds

Charleston PR understands how to market professional services. They have advised us on public relations and designed and host our wonderful new website. Their marketing and communications insights have really helped us grow.

Robert Berman - Professional Services Group

We wholeheartedly recommend Charleston PR & Design to always make us look professional. Not only do they remove the stress from design projects, their talent, dedication and passion for web design has helped us grow our online presence. They are a full package deal!

Gregg & Sherry Tucker - All Seasons Mulch Market & Landscape Supplies

We are VERY pleased with the amount of calls we're getting from our Google AdWords campaign. Our Head of School says she is “inundated” - but in a good way.

Marilyn Bennett - The Oaks Private School

I think without your publicity we wouldn't have done nearly as well as we did...Thank you for all you did accomplish. I don’t think we've ever gotten so much press. You’re amazing!!

Lara Wilson - Charleston Chamber Opera

I just was spending some time on the site updating the front page with the book information and really took a moment to reflect on the great work you have done to make this site both beautiful, practical, and easy to update. It is JUST smashing and I’m so pleased with it. Thank you so much!

Holly Herrick - HollyHerrick.com

“You are the expert; and I trust your judgement....I wanted was someone to stand by my side and make PR a constant part of my practice.  We can't do it alone, obviously; and I appreciate having a real professional get us straight… Thank you Charleston PR for your steady and compassionate guidance, thoughtful design, and instruction on matters related to our firm website, article writing and tagging for search engine optimization. McKnight Law Firm is now organically on page one of most of the Google pages relevant to our practice, without paying Google to be there. Sound advice!

Attorney Jody McKnight - McKnight Law Firm

"Lisa and I are very grateful for your work on our behalf. It's working! We spent many thousands of dollars trying to boost our page rank on Google with other marketing firms and none of it worked, at all! After a few months of Cheryl's guidance our rankings shot up to page one and two for our top keywords. Much more importantly, as a result, we just landed a great client, who we can serve and who needs our help. Thank you, Cheryl."

Gerry Schmidt - Corporate Culture Pros