Difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

What is the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org?

There is a lot of confusion about the difference between the two flavors of WordPress: WordPress.com and WordPress.org. While each of these platforms allows you to create a website that may include a blog and static pages, there are some critical differences to comprehend between the two.

The best analogy which I can use to help you understand the difference is that of housing choices.

WordPress.com is a landlord

Imagine that you own a very large house and you choose to rent out rooms in this house. For the safety of your residents you need to limit the types of permissible tenant activity. While it might be acceptable for a tenant to have a well-behaved pet dog or cat, it may not be acceptable for a tenant to have dog that bites or a poisonous snake as a pet.

WordPress.com must control what is allowed into their home.

Establishing a controlled environment is (in this example) done to protect — because either a bad dog or a poisonous snake may get loose and cause injury to tenants. This is exactly the type of limitation that WordPress.com places upon blogs and websites it hosts.

Let’s extend this analogy just a bit further. Perhaps you don’t want to rent and prefer to own a home. However, you don’t wish to bear the cost of design, and time selecting finishes, you may purchase a new home from a volume home builder. You get a new home, but much of the difficulty has been removed and you get to go straight to the pleasure of enjoying your new residence. On WordPress.com this is like paying for your own domain, and selecting one of the approved themes and moving in, arranging the furniture (your web content) to suit you.

Control your own space

Conversely, if you choose to build your own house you might like to select your architect, your builder, and your interior designer so that you may create a home that is most well-suited for you. In this case, you must specify exactly how many bedrooms and bathrooms are to be built, whether you want brick or lap siding, etc. The cost of a custom built home is more than a volume builder’s new home, just as a full-custom website is more costly than the earlier example of WordPress.com.

WordPress.com offers a handy table outlining the differences between the two flavors of WordPress which we have reproduced below (click the table to view the original, including links on WordPress.com.)

Difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

WordPress help for either flavor of WordPress

Don’t be overly concerned regarding the WordPress.org notations about “getting your hands dirty” by digging deep into code, that’s why we’re here. We do the heavy lifting or in this case the arranging of electrons to help you gain the home most well suited for you.

WordPress and SEO Fundamentals

Cover slide for WordPress SEO Essentials Charleston

WordPress and SEO fundamentals for your business

The topic of SEO has mystified more than a few people over the years.

However, with a few steps, most SMBs can achieve their SEO goals, but, it takes planning and strategy. In my opinion, the problem is that many have believed that high ranking is something which one buys, not earns. High SERPs results placement is earned by having great content that is useful to your site’s visitors; by a site that is updated and in compliance, and by being socially active on the web.

Click the link to view my presentation WordPress and SEO Fundamentals. Note that there are hyperlinks within the presentation to resources which will add further depth to it.

If you need assistance planning your website taxonomy, strategy and developing content, give me a call. I’m for hire.

Newly Launched ValueTruck, LLC Website

John Abbate of ValueTruck, LLC came to us to help him launch a website for his commercial truck leasing business. ValueTruck, LLC works with commercial truck drivers who want to start a new business and own their own trucks. John sought a dramatic site that included an online application process.

We had the great pleasure of working with Jenny Badman, wordsmith extraordinaire on this project. Jenny perfectly captured the story behind ValueTruck, LLC.

ValueTruck Leasing Website