WordPress Video Tutorial: Creating and Using WordPress Menus

Watch our video tutorial creating WordPress menus

Creating WordPress Menus Screen Grab
If you are using a mobile device or reading via email, click on the image to view the video tutorial on YouTube. If you are reading on a device and want to watch the video in this page, scroll down.

WordPress has many awesome reasons to love the platform. We think it’s the ultimate CMS (content management system) that works for just about any website.

WordPress is flexible, extensible, customizable and nimble. And it allows you to set up many menus and navigation items in addition to pages and posts.

Creating WordPress Menus

In our basic video tutorial you will learn how to:

  • Define a menu
  • Add pages to the menu
  • Create sub-items or child menu items
  • Use blog categories as menu items
  • Use external links as menu items
  • How to edit navigation labels
  • How to edit navigation label attributes.

If you are a person who prefers written directions, WordPress.org has a straightforward written tutorial about creating WordPress menus. If you would rather learn by seeing, we’ve embedded our video below.