Fake Facebook Privacy Notice and Privacy Control

Have you seen this fake Facebook privacy notice?

Fake Facebook Privacy Notice

Have you seen this fake Facebook privacy notice in your friends’ status updates? I have seen many of them and a quick search of public posts on Facebook indicates people are rampantly posting it across the site. As our video explains, following the instructions in the fake notification only modifies what materials YOU can see, not what your friends can see/view/share. That is your superpower.

Facebook Notifications and Privacy Settings Video
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When in doubt, Google it

A quick Google of the notice’s content shows us that the message is false. (Just copy and paste the first three or four sentences into a Google search window and you will have all the results you need to find out if this is false.) Here is Snopes.com’s debunking of the notice.

Snopes Debunks Fake Facebook Privacy Notifications

You control your content’s privacy

Facebook privacy settings for your materials are in your control, not mine. In December Facebook undertook a complete revision of their privacy controls and perhaps those changes have provoked this outburst. As noted by Inside Facebook these privacy controls give users more and clearer tools to manage privacy.

Privacy Shortcuts

Facebook has created shortcuts to help users with three key aspects of their privacy: “Who can see my stuff?”, “Who can contact me?” and “How do I stop someone from bothering me?” These are easy-to-access sections from the top toolbar, whereas previously users would have had to navigate through several menus and pages of options. The language is also more straightforward, which could help users feel less overwhelmed by Facebook’s privacy settings.

Avoid falling in the trap of fake Facebook privacy notices

If you are going to post on Facebook, take time to learn the features and how to control the privacy of your content, who sees it, and manage your profile and your page. Facebook’s Privacy help section is very through and have very clear directions.

If you or your business need assistance managing your Facebook page or profile, give us a shout. We’re here to help.