Prankvertising: Will it last?

When I was in high school there were a number of people who were caught “rolling” a house. It didn’t go well for them. But now, you can virtually “roll” famous landmarks courtesy of Cheetos and their virtual prank site. And I did just that with Charleston’s Old Exchange Building.

Cheetos Old Exchange TP

Prankvertising is on a roll

Brands are discovering humor and promoting their qualities in new ways.

Not to be left in the dark, Toys R Us delighted a bus load of kids with their “field trip.” (Click to view video on YouTube.)

Stunts and pranks have always been big in the United States. When I was a kid, “Candid Camera” was a giant hit. In the years since there have been revisions of it and copycats. Taking advantage of the unsuspecting whether it is the soda pop test that both Coke and Pepsi have done (Max Headroom video)

time after time or the laundry soap swap on unsuspecting housewives, pranking in the name of your brand is popular.

Entrepreneur rounded up the most recent examples of prankvertising and asks, “What do you think? Is prankvertising a flash in the pan or something we’ll be seeing more of in 2014 and beyond?”

From where I sit, I think this is not going away, and like Flash Mobs, we’ll see more of it before we see less of it.

Would you use prankvertising to promote your brand?

10 Tips to Gain Public Speaking Opportunities

Public speaking can position you as an authority

Public speaking is proven, time-tested way to position your company as a knowledgeable, credible authority in your business segment or industry. It is one of the public relations tactics that continues to provide great return on your time-investment.

Develop a presentation

It is important to develop your talk or presentation on topics of interest to the audience. Your talk must not be an advertisement for your company. It must always be a way to share knowledge and leave the attendees more knowledgeable than when they arrived.

Get over your fear

Public speaking is a fearful thing for many, but there are many ways to lessen your fear. Start small and offer to contribute to meetings you attend. Practice speaking out when you are comfortable or join Toastmasters.

10 Tips to Gain Public Speaking Opportunities

  1. Develop one or two talks of no more than 20 minutes length on current topics that are important to the types of buyers your firm serves.
  2. Practice your presentation with colleagues, employees or friends. Ask them what they learned from your presentation and adjust your presentation so that your audience takes away what you intend that they take away.
  3. Write a summary of your talk outlining your topic, what the attendees will learn or what benefits they will gain, the desired audience size and type, resources you provide (such as books, or take-away-notes), and facility / audio visual needs.
  4. Make a list of the organizations, clubs and associations that have members who may benefit from the information you have to share.
  5. Learn who books or plans programs and speakers for each of the groups.
  6. Establish a relationship with these planners either by contacting them directly or asking a colleague or member of the group to introduce you.
  7. Attend a meeting of the group, if meetings are open, or ask a colleague to invite you as a guest.
  8. After gaining familiarity with the group and their normal procedures, adjust your summary to fit the group and send it to the program chair person with your request to be considered as a speaker, suggesting how you feel your presentation may be of benefit to the attendees.
  9. Continually be aware of new groups and organizations and add them to your list.
  10. Continue to attend association, organization and group meetings as possible, being aware of trends that effect members of the group so that you may be aware of new opportunities to speak.