Helping Fix a Bad Situation You Did Not Create

Note: The good people at U-Haul messaged me via Twitter at 11:32 a.m. July 30 and said, “Our local center has set up a donation site at 8222 Dorchester Rd, North Charleston, SC 29418. Go to Twitter and thank the great folks at U-Haul.

Going from good to bad

A military vet’s family, who recently relocated to the greater Charleston area, lost all their worldly possessions. The family was staying at a North Charleston La Quinta Inn when the rented U-Haul truck used to move their household furnishings and military career mementos was stolen from the Inn parking lot. | Charleston, SC | News, Weather, Sports

The story was reported on Charleston’s Live 5 News.

Demonstrating humanity and caring

La Quinta Inns did not cause this tragedy, but the family was staying there. Stepping-in and leading an effort to gather and donate furniture and household goods to the family could not only help the family, but could allow La Quinta and U-Haul to demonstrate their caring sides. La Quinta and U-Haul have the perfect opportunity to demonstrate that the businesses are not just in business to give you a roof and a bed for a night or rent you a truck, but are all about caring for families, providing shelter, and reasonably priced moving services and equipment.

In the midst of bad things that happen to our customers, we can show the humanity behind each of our firms when we reach out, demonstrating true human caring. And when all is said and done, aren’t we in business to help one another, not just profit from our customers?

Building community

Fixing a bad situation can be done sometimes. There is no way to get back what thieves stole from the family, but there is a way to show that the people behind the corporations care.

Is your business getting attention for something that happened on your premises which you did not cause? If your business or firm is facing a crisis, contact us at 843-628-6434 for consultation and assistance. If you would like to have us perform a crisis audit for your firm so you are prepared in advance, we welcome your call.