Hits Don’t Matter

In WWE Hits Do Matter

Hits don’t matter except in WWE

When my sons were small and I was out of the room where they were, I often heard “OW! He HIT me!” Siblings squabble. And hit. Those hits mattered.

In the early days of the World Wide Web, hits became a coveted metric to measure the influence and importance of your website and your inbound traffic. People embedded odometer-like, or animated gif counters on their websites to influence website visitor’s perceptions of the site. Site owners hoped to cause a site visitor to assume that if 100,000 people had visited then, “This site must be good.” Few knew that counters could be set at a number other than zero when embedded.  Fast forward 20 years and hits hardly matter, except in slapstick, or child-rearing or WWE wrestling.

What replaced hits as a website success metric?

Bounce rate is the more important metric now. When people arrive at your website, do they stay or do they go? Do they visit several pages? Do they spend time on your site?

As Google has refined their preferences for and algorithms to deliver search results which include websites where people remain on site over those with mass numbers of visits, it is critical that you create content that keeps people on your site or causes more interaction.

Evaluate and adjust factors that might contribute to your bounce rate, like site layout and navigation. Use only your past performances as a rubric, and try to improve your current bounce rate relative to your previous data. Provide enough time between changes to collect enough data to evaluate the impact the changes may be having on your visitors and their behaviors. Try using Content Experiments to help you.

Is your content valued?

Creating attractive content which causes your visitors to consume more pages, interact and share your content indicates (to Google) that your site provides relevant information. The value proposition is what Google is most interested in as a measure of worthiness. And as Avinash Kaushik states in Google’s video embedded below, “it is a quick qualifying metric.”

Watch Google’s video on Bounce Rate

If you don’t see the embedded video, click to watch video on Bounce Rate.