WordPress Security Imperative

Hackers are after your WordPress self-hosted blog.

WordPress security must be scheduled

WordPress security must be top-most on your planning and regular maintenance. Ever wonder why keeping your WordPress based website version and your plugins updated is imperative? There are hackers out there who have more time on their hands than anything else. Merry pranksters, they want to see what they can do. Don’t allow your WordPress website to fall victim to them.

If you aren’t comfortable performing the updates, then get an experienced WordPress web developer to keep it updated for you.

ProBlogger provides a detailed explanation.

Update, update, update
Update WordPress. Update your plugins. Update your theme. Try to install these updates immediately after the alert apepars in your Dashboard. Here’s why.

Fixes to new bugs and security holes are always a big part of every update. The minute an update gets released, all the changes are announced in the official doc that goes along with the update. If a hacker wants to attack a site that hasn’t been updated yet, they just have to take a look at the document, do a little research and tackle the holes that the new version fixes.

Read the entire post at Secure Your WordPress Blog Without Touching Any Code : @ProBlogger.

Charleston PR & Design, LLC hosts WordPress websites and provides monthly software updates for all our clients. Our daily backups insure every hosted site can be restored. And if any breaking change breaks your site’s theme or functionality, we repair the break. That’s the type of insurance that you can’t do without.

Ten spot-on ways to develop articles for your business blog

If you are writing a blog for your business, you need to stay focused on the goals you set when you decided to begin. Was it to demonstrate your firm’s experience and capabilities or was it to help search engine results by providing keyword rich posts that also demonstrate your businesses’ knowledge?

10 tips to get you going with your business blog

Hopefully the later is your goal. So here you are, committed or not to the blog and you are short of ideas. These ten ideas will help you write interesting blog posts even when your creative muse has gone on vacation.

  1. Look to the news of the day; are there any major news items that impact some aspect of your businesses core competencies? If so, write about how and why. Google News has a robust search feature which allows you to hone in on your most significant keywords.
  2. Look to your interactions with your clients. Did you have any “teachable moments” or interactions in the past few days that you feel are common and which, when shared, can provide learning opportunities? If yes, write about those moments; be sure to keep the names of those you mention and identifying comments discrete. You don’t want to embarrass your clients or yourself.
  3. Write about some of the “basics” of your business. It is always good to refresh yourself on core competencies and share fresh insights as to why these basics are so important.
  4. Write about management issues affecting your business. Each business has issues that are common to them all and often generalize to others in the industry.
  5. Look to trends in your industry and analyze how one of them may affect clients in your industry.
  6. If your blog is client facing, write about new developments that are sure to produce results for them. Tell why.
  7. Invite another industry / sector expert to be a guest blogger. They can write about their insights into key issues in your industry.
  8. Share a client success story (with permission of course.) Tell why they succeeded and if you were a part of that success, help readers see how and why the client succeeded.
  9. Share a major learning experience; an Ah-ha moment. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be bullet proof…just healed. So say how and why you got insight that helped you redirect.
  10. Share information about your colleagues or employees or even new staff member news, awards and competencies. I would even suggest having one of your employees write a guest post. Invite them to share some of their personality and talents they bring to working with you.