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Summer simmer and holiday cheer

Summer is at it’s hottest. Here in the South we’re wilting and sweating (depends on if you are female or male.) Families are on vaca and offices are quiet in the torpor.

Now’s the time to start thinking of how to differentiate your client’s products in the Christmas season. Most of the major shelter mags and online catalogues are already together. So, if you didn’t get your gift guide submissions off before July 4th, you’ve missed that boat.

Think instead of what types of cooperative advertising or PR you can do to benefit your client. Find your client’s natural partner and offer a promo that works for both; such as a personal chef and a wine shop partnering on savings on holiday catering. OR a personal shopper and car detailer doing a direct mailer together. You do spend time in the old Ford going to all those parties and you’ll appreciate it cleaner. As for the personal shopper, just think how much time you’ll save hiring him to do your shopping while you work up the new client’s proposal. That is if you use your new found time wisely.

Also, rethink Christmas parties. With today’s tight times, go in with a favorite vendor-printers with ad agencies for example and invite your fav clients. You’ll both save money and meet each others clients. Perhaps it will lead to new business for you both.

The key is not to think territorially. Chose your co promoters wisely. There must be a benefit for you both and a natural affinity.

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