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‘Tis the Seasonal Marketing Time of Year

‘Tis the unibrow of seasonal marketing

Ahhh, the holidays.  They’re here.  And by holidays I mean the Q4 period from Halloween through the New Year. The last quarter of the year in the Western world has come to be known as one massive Hallowthankshanuchrisnewyear celebration when every business owner is engaged in seasonal marketing and promotions.

In my opinion, this season is rather smashed into a unibrow of a holiday season.

Chris Rock hosted Saturday Night Live and offered his take on the holidays and the over commercialization of Christmas. Agree or not, his send up of Christmas was wonderful. So, just as you’re getting ready to offer your holiday promotions, watch this for a laugh as we enter this frantic sales time when customers’ demands increase and their and our patience wears thin.

No bling on Jesus says Chris Rock

You can try to push back against the torrent by refusing to open on Thanksgiving and by letting your employees and staff have time to enjoy the holidays with their families.

Satisfying demand

Whether you like it are not buyers have learned to think of seasonal shopping and respond positively to it.

Plan some reward for your customers who have been loyal over the course of the year. Not every customer is seeking a discount. You can provide added value and extra service during the holidays to set your business apart.

Honor customers

Whether a drop-in with libations or contributions in their honor, or holiday hams or Hanukah gelt, there is a way you can thank and reward your loyal supporters and opt out of the mass market crazy holiday promotions.

Charleston Organization Lowcountry Local FirstIn the greater Charleston market, we hope when you shop, you’ll spend your dollars locally and support small businesses like ours which are the bedrock of our community. Lowcountry Local First sponsors an annual campaign aligned with the holiday season which encourages you to shop locally and buy locally. For more about the observance, visit  Buy Local.

So, while every season comes with a set of expectations, you don’t have to bend to the crowd to satisfy your buyers or be distinct.