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Public Relations

Public Relations Stunts Work


If you had any doubt that public relations stunts work, just look at all the cool social media love that Microsoft UK received when they set up a giant Surface in London.

Public relations stunts work when they amaze and take people by surprise; they support brand goals; when they create a conversational buzz (which this certainly did) and when they demonstrate a brand or product’s features. I’d say that Microsoft scored pretty well on all these counts.

Note that the brand created a special hashtag to use in their promotion which kept Tweets organized. They also re-Tweeted the best images and content to keep the buzz stoked. (Scroll to the end of this post for more top Tweets from the PR campaign.)

There were lots of tweets and RT from the Microsoft UK Twitter stream and some very clever images by others–demonstrating the buzz created by the promotion (heck, we’re even writing about it so yes, it worked.)

Microsoft had people making Skype calls (which is an embedded function in the Surface)

And jumping on the keyboard demonstrating their math skills

And using provided Surface tablets to create their own art.

What types of public relations promotions has your business done and how have they worked for you?

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