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Public Relations

Spring and PR

Public relations tactics inspired by Mother Nature

Planning your public relations messages and marketing content for the next quarter needs to happen now, in the depths of winter. Mother Nature is not waiting until the last moment to grow the flower buds of the apple tree. Now, in the depths winter, she is preparing trees to burst into flower in the early days of spring. Because each quarter seems to come more quickly than the last, we need to emulate Mother Nature’s approach. Ask yourself, what does spring have to teach us about public relations and earned media?

News is new

It’s simple. Spring is new, green and fresh. The same should be true of the news you share with media outlets.

Journalists need news (you know, it’s called that for a reason–e.g. it’s NEW.) Media outlets will write stories about your firm if you provide actual news, as opposed to information. Trying to understand what is newsworthy and worth submitting is challenging for some people.

Newsworthy items can be:

  1. Any major event or happening that is clearly unusual; or outside of what is “normal” day-to-day operations for your company
  2. National awards, career achievement and recognition given to your company or employees
  3. Major contracts landed that have a high dollar value or great visibility due to the people or companies involved.
  4. Major anniversaries of being in business–25, or 50 years as opposed to five years
  5. New leadership or new executive personnel

Be, do or make news

You can make the news or comment on the news. As an example, given this is an election year, your company could partner with others in your industry to organize an “industry town hall” where leaders of your industry discuss key issues you want to hear candidates address. Or to continue the election year theme, you might offer yourself as an expert source to news outlets in your community when topics for which you are an expert are in the news.

Realize now that your public relations strategy can emulate spring to gain attention for your company. Be new, green and fresh. Plan now. Afterall, spring will be here before you know it.


Photo by Melinda Pack on Unsplash

One thought on “Spring and PR

  1. Hopefully every once in a while journalists will choose to return to news that’s no loneger ‘new’. More so that concerning the sentiment behind celebrating Earth Day.

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