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West Ashley United

Home page of West Ashley United website

West Ashley United was* a nonprofit organization in the Charleston area with a mission to bring all elements together to support the community. Their goal is, “to engage all neighborhoods, businesses, and governmental agencies to enhance the many aspects of our suburban community with a commitment to communication, civic education, diversity, advocacy and conservation.” Charleston PR & Design designed and developed the website under a very tight timeline and on a relatively small budget. Specific requirements included the ability to post events which could be sorted into categories as well have an easy to update site. The organization wanted to be able to post regular stories about the people, places, and history or the community. We suggested that the site be WordPress using the BoldGrid framework. This allowed us to bring the site together efficiently and to meet their budget and timeline. The organization provided all their photos and content. 

One of the board members said of the new site and our work, “[they]…did an absolutely stellar job in the website…not to mention such a quick turnaround in getting the site built and established. It looks so professional and is definitely something that we can be proud of.”

*the organization dissolved May 31, 2010. The site no longer exists.

We are not accepting new clients.