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Rose and Vine Tours

Rose and Vine Tours Website image

Rose and Vine Tours founder June Thorpe-Galy is a former French resident who frequently organized visits to Bordeaux, France for family and friends. After doing this for many years, she realized that her customized tours for small groups could become a new enterprise for her.

To launch her tour business June wanted an informational website with a calendar of upcoming tours, photo slide shows of Bordeaux and a simple way for her potential guests to contact her via the website. Requirements of the site included a slideshow header on the home page and frequently asked questions about touring France. She also wanted the site to be device responsive. The resulting website for Rose and Vine tours is a custom-coded site built on the WordPress platform in a self-hosted installation. It includes an accordion style Q&A section, a large slideshow in the home page header and a thumbnail filmstrip viewer for the lower portion of the home page.

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