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Lois Lane Properties Website Redevelopment


Lois Lane Properties 2014 website revisions

In 2011 Lois Lane Properties, a Charleston real estate brokerage, had a website which was in need of a face-lift and conversion to a CMS (content management system). Additionally, the Brokerage wanted contemporary tools for real estate search and sharing, integrating mapping and location of the listings. Working with the firm and Gee Creative, we updated their site.

In May 2014, again in conjunction with Gee Creative and the Lois Lane Properties team, we upgraded the site to a custom coded responsive WordPress theme. The new site continues the use of IDX tools to embed and display listings and filter on many criteria. The new state of the art real estate website is the pride of Lois Lane Properties.

“We also couldn’t have gotten any of this accomplished without Cheryl & Bill Smithem of Charleston PR, and Richard Gee of Gee Creative. Thanks a million times over for creating something we are so proud to call our very own!”



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