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Driwood Mouldings

Driwood-image-for-cprad-portfolio.500x500 Driwood is a manufacturer of architecturally correct mouldings, millwork, cornices, doorways, and paneling, cabinetry and custom architectural designs. The firm has been in existence for over 100 years. For this complex website project, we created a site to display the firm’s 500 stock mouldings and allow for online ordering. Using customized WooCommerce processes, the site allows customers to submit to quote, create accounts, save products, and review their history. Products may be filtered by hundreds of attributes, providing everyone the ability to search and order the mouldings needed for their job. Our full team was composed of graphic designer / Woo Commerce integrations specialist Jeffrey Schierer, account manager Dale Aren, developer Bill Smithem and genius copywriter Jenny Badman. The Driwood videos about the company and their legacy were shot and edited by Meredith Browne of See It All Media. Voice over narration was done by Richard Lubash of 2K Plus who also supported post production. Anna Stein wrote the more than 500 product descriptions with precision and professionalism.
We are not accepting new clients.