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DHM Real Estate

Disher, Hamrick & Myers Website Home Page

Disher, Hamrick & Myers, a Charleston premiere luxury home real estate brokerage invited us to work with them and their marketing team on a website redesign. DHM desired an updated, mobile compatible site which included real estate listings from the Charleston MLS. Critical to the firm was the need to present their own brokerage’s listings in a very distinctive way. They also wanted special pages for each agent which included the agent’s listings within each agent’s page.

Copy for the site was written by the incredible copywriter Jenny Badman who developed a wonderful brand focused statement, “Opening Every Door” for DHM. Jenny’s warmth and feeling for Charleston translates into rich copy that embodies all that working with DHM brings to their client relationships.

DHM’s custom listings are prominently displayed in a slider and in tabs on the home page, as is a quick search box and links to custom curated geo-focused searches of real estate for sale from the Charleston MLS. The site features custom styled MLS data imported by way of the IDX Broker platform.

Also provided by the IDX Broker platform is ability to create an account, save home searches, listings, estimate mortgage payments, request a home valuation, and request a home showing of a property.

For mobile device users performing real estate searches, a mobile app autoloads upon home search, allowing the user to get fast search results and to identify properties in their immediate vicinity.

We are not accepting new clients.