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Business Success Dynamics

Business Success Dynamics Website Business and life coach Shirlie Taylor launched her business consulting practice in the summer of 2008. Charleston PR designed her first website and has provided updates every few years following. In 2015, the site was updated with a new, mobile responsive theme. 2015 site updates provided a way to offer multiple entry points to diverse types of clients based on their needs. Interior pages provide calls to action in the sidebars allowing Taylor to call attention to specific services and offerings. Shirlie Taylor has received many compliments on her site through the years, this one certainly stands out, “You and your web designer should win an award for that home page! What an approachable, inviting pose… and it’s perfect how you’ve worn your significant color to match your website colors. Carrying a face shot of the same pose to your “About” page was perfect. It’s a great look. Congratulations.”
We are not accepting new clients.