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Public Relations

Press Releases Are Not Dead

Press releases are not dead.

Press releases: there’s a right and a wrong way to use them

Google has said that press releases aren’t the right way to create inbound links to your website. Nor are press releases best used as broadcast materials to spam editors and reporters.

What are press releases for?

Press releases which tell your story clearly and which support your brand and business goals while featuring genuine news are a valuable item in your marketing communications strategy.

Despite the fact that we advocate having an online news room as a component of your website, from time to time you are still going to need a release. Releases are best used to support a pitch to a journalist or to summarize important announcements about new products, promotions or corporate mergers or brief media in a crisis.

Fast Company provides five tips to help you create the very best press releases.

1. Develop and tell a coherent, compelling story. What makes your company tick? How do you delight your customers? What sets you apart from the pack?

2. Don’t just tout your product or service. Develop key messages that answer the question: Why should anyone care?

3. Use plain English. Avoid obscuring your message by using industry jargon and talking “inside baseball.”

4. Get your reader to engage. Use compelling elements such as data, visuals, and infographics to illustrate your points. And include a call-to-action that drives people to a landing page.

5. Hook yourself to a star. Tie what you’re doing to something happening in the news–especially if it’s in your sector or a targeted vertical market. Shine brighter in the reflected light of someone in the news.

If you’re not inclined to write your own releases and remain familiar with local media outlets and the journalists who bring you the news, give us a call. We’re here to craft great stories from your stories.

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