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Charleston PR News

PR Basics for Every Business

What are the basics of media outreach that you need to know?

Given the Coronavirus pandemic, you may have had more than a normal reason to have to reach out to the media in recent months. If your business needed to be closed, or announce re-opening, or altered procedures or services, you have likely reached out to the local media or your industry focused media. 

Increase your public relations skills

When you did reach out, did your local media pay attention to what you shared? If they didn’t, why not? Join me this week for our weekly Marketing Round Table as we discuss PR Basics for Every Business. Learn what journalists need and why. 

May 13 Free Marketing Round Table

The continuation of our Marketing Round Table also allows you to Ask Me Anything about your ongoing marketing, public relations and communications. All for free. Please join me by registering and joining in on Wednesday at noon.  After registering, you will receive an email with the link to click to join the session. 

We are not accepting new clients.