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No Ownership Equals No Control

Screwed by spakattacks on flickr

Waiting around to get screwed

Do you use Facebook? Twitter? Blogger? If you don’t own the platform and are publishing your content on someone else’s platform, you can be screwed. If I sound like a broken record, pardon me. We’ve preached about this a few times.’s article The Cost of Publishing Your Content on Someone Else’s Site by Stephanie Meyers makes it plainer than plain.

There’s a dark side to posting content on sites like Facebook and Medium: At the end of the day, they control it, not you.

If you do decide that there’s value in using someone else’s platform, just make sure that it’s a reputable site that won’t just disappear, know the terms of service–and hang onto copies of your content and any follower data you can get. Read the entire article by Stephanie Meyers on

If you are spending your time developing interesting, highly clicked content that supports your brand, it must originate on your site.

Good examples to follow

Our clients cookbook author and chef Holly Herrick, Lois Lane Properties and Go Charleston Deals have all embraced blogging. They do so on their own domains. Each shares their original content outward from their blogs, but they begin on their own virtual homes. Take a note from them.

Buy your own domain. Pay for a self-hosted platform. Get your own website. Avoid getting screwed.

Photo credit: flickr user by spakattacks

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  1. Yes, yes, a hundred times yes. And if you use a third party service to facilitate anything, ensure back ups and exports -in a useful format- are always available.

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