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New Year Marketing Communications Planning

Strategic planning marketing communications for the New Year
What worked this year? What didn’t work? Will you do something different next year?

New Year, no problem; if you plan

No doubt you, as all of us do, have swirls of questions floating through your brain as you plan your next year’s marketing communications activities.

Start with an evaluation and analysis of what worked, what didn’t work and why. Then add in the goals you’d like to achieve in the New Year, and plans for measurement, and you’ll find you’re nearer your target than when you began.

The greatest issue is knowing where you want to take your business in the coming year. Answering this question requires honesty and truthfulness with yourself.

So, go get cozy on the couch, print the questionnaire below, and get to work reflecting on your business’s marketing for the coming year.

New Year marketing communications planning gift

We’re put together this handy New Year Marketing Communications Planning Questionnaire [MS Word Doc file] to help you focus. You may download it and use to help your organization plan your public relations, social media, advertising or any other marketing communications activity that you must get organized for the New Year.

If you need assistance implementing your plans, or gaining an objective view on what your business marketing communications needs are for the New Year, call us. We thrive on strategic planning.

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