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New Site Live for Awaken the Dragon

Awaken the Dragon new site

Charleston PR & Design was invited to provide guidance, direction and design support to filmmaker Liz Oakley as she set a direction for a new website for Awaken the Dragon. In Awaken the Dragon, the ancient sport of dragon boating and cancer survivors are united in a quest to awaken to new challenges and, indeed, to life.

AWTD Website 2015-07-23_14-49-18

This heroic film about finding a new way to live following the diagnosis of cancer has resonated with people. It has won many awards, inspired and motivated film festival attendees and viewers far and wide.

The new site is live and provides links to the Amazon streaming and film purchase as well as provides a method for cancer survivors to share their stories of inspiration.

Thank you Liz for allowing us to work with you.

Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons Nick Hubbard

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