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As a contributor and writer for Domenick Celentano’s Food and Beverage channel, I have authored two articles for foodpreneurs on critical public relations topics: Preparing for a media interview and crisis communications.

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Meeting the media in good times and bad

Food and beverage businesses have high visibility and as a result of trends in eater-tainment and local dominance, get attention over more mundane topics. Therefore, being prepared to meet the media in good times and bad is essential for entrepreneurs in consumer packaged goods, restaurants, bars and beverage businesses.

Thanks to both Jonathan Bernstein of Bernstein Crisis Management for his contributions to the segment on crisis communications. Thanks also to Brad Phillips author of the Mr. Media Training blog and owner of Phillips Media Relations for his tips for the media interview preparation article.

I invite you to read both articles and share them with your friends in the food and beverage business.

Links to Food and Beverage articles

1.)  Interview Prep
2.) Crisis Communications


Need help preparing for an interview or working with the media? OR If your business or firm is facing a crisis, contact us at 843-628-6434 for consultation and assistance. If you would like to have us perform a crisis audit for your firm so you are prepared in advance, we welcome your call.

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