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After you write a new hire press release, what do you do?

One of the most popular posts on our blog is our How to Write a New Hire Press Release article. But what happens after you have learned how to write the press release? What do you do with it? Where do you send it and how?

How do I develop a media list to send my new hire release to?

I work as a “content writer” for a small consulting firm. I’m relatively new and still learning the ropes. I was recently tasked with writing a press release announcing our newest hire. I’m struggling to find appropriate media outlets to submit this press release to. How many outlets should I contact? Which newspapers are the most appropriate? What if I can’t find their submission guidelines; should I just send them a regular email with the press released attached? 

I haven’t written the press release yet; I still need to interview the new hire. But in the meantime, I thought I would try finding some outlets to submit to. This is proving more difficult than I would have hoped. Unfortunately, my superiors haven’t given me much guidance in this area, so I’m kind of figuring this all out on my own. I’m hoping that someone will have a list of media outlets that our company commonly uses, but in case they don’t, I could really use some advice as to where to start looking. I’m totally in the dark here.

Being given a task such as media release distribution when you’ve never done this before can be overwhelming. Yet it doesn’t have to seem so gigantically impossible.

Common sense approach to developing a media distribution list

Check into your local media outlets including print and digital business news outlets and business e-newsletters. Ask people at your company who they rely on for their local business news. Then visit the outlet’s website and get the information regarding how to submit your news. Some outlets want an email with all the details and a photo, and some can get it themselves if you point to a post on your website using a specific URL. If you cannot post your release to your website, you might look into using Tiny by PitchEngine.  Using their service, you can post your news and photos and then tweet the Tiny Pitch URL directly to the news outlets in your area.

If you’re looking to send email directly to journalists and outlets, be aware, most do not accept attachments, and prefer to get all items within an email or be able to go to a specific URL (as outlined above) to download the image and release. Read our post about online media rooms.

Using Twitter, you can create a list of your contacts and then begin to follow them and get to know them. Learn what journalists Tweet about, read their stories and their other social feeds. Create a relationship with them by commenting positively on their posts, or engaging them in conversation regarding their topics. Never forget they are people first. Not simply an outlet.

Above all else, do not spam journalists. Only send the new hire release to those who are tasked with accepting this type of news. 

Composing a media list is not hard. You simply need to use some common sense. Need more insights? Read our post on how to create a compelling pitch.

If you would prefer not to do all the heavy lifting yourself, give us a jingle. We’ll we pleased to send your firm’s new hire news to the media.

Photo credit:       Glenn Carstens-Peters

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