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Make My Website First on Google: SEO Isn’t What You Think It Is

How can I make my website first on Google?

If I had a $50 bill for each time I’ve had someone tell me that they want to “be first on Google,” I’d be a very rich woman.

In 2001 with Panda and 2012 with Penguin updates, Google has publicly stated that it cares about content that is important, relevant and useful to people–not bots or spiders. Additional evidence indicates your site be more visible in search results if your business is active in social media, is conversational and seeks to answer questions, solve problems and be a source.

Advice for those wishing to be first on Google

In a very articulate and concise article from Fast Company, Veronica Fielding sums it up:

…the Panda and Penguin messages go deeper. With them, the search engines are openly acknowledging that a website isnt the only place on the Web that a brand needs to maintain a strong presence. [emphasis mine] The interactive exchanges that people have with each other and with the brand–online–are happening in the social media channel, and the search engines are placing an increasing importance on how these conversations influence their views on brands and how their websites should rank. This means that a brand can no longer rely on a well-optimized website to earn Google’s attention. A brand must be a conversationalist, going where the people are and engaging them in discussion, and by doing that earn a wonderful reputation. [emphasis mine] Smart brands are doing this by fully leveraging each social channel’s particular properties.

If you want to be number one on Google, you must read and follow the advice in SEO Isn’t What You Think It Is via Fast Company.

Follow these tips to be first on Google

  1. Make your website useful. Have an interesting website that provides potential customers the information they want. While it is good to have information about the products and services you offer on your site what is even better is to provide your potential customers information that helps them make decisions at every point on their path to purchase.
  2. Give value. Regularly author (on your website) and share helpful, relevant and useful information across the web. This does not mean copy and past in whole articles you’ve found in other sources. You can quote as we do here, providing attribution and links, but do not copy and paste the entire article which is authored by others elsewhere. This will get you bad karma as well as pushed down in search rankings.
  3. Converse and share in social media. Avoid marketing speak and share messages that are of help to others.
  4. Demonstrate your involvement with others through links to your website from high ranking sites that are relevant to your industry and sector.

Following these simple tips will help you rank first on Google. And after all, that is what we know you want.

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