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Charleston PR News

Lowcountry BizSC features Founder on Entrepreneur Minute

Charleston PR maven shares her secret sauce for success

Lowcountry Biz SC features Charleston PR founder Cheryl Smithem
Lowcountry Biz SC is a great source for Charleston area business news, events and much more.
Lowcountry BizSC is a great source for local business news including who’s on the move to new positions or opening new businesses. Established by Alan Cooper, the regular newsletter features many newsy stories to keep Charleston area business leaders informed.

Watch video interview with Charleston PR founder 

Alan invited me to speak with him for the newsletter’s regular feature, Entrepreneur Minute. A source of insights from leaders across the area, the video snapshots allow entrepreneurs to share and learn from one another. I especially loved Alan’s final question about what advice would I give to other entrepreneurs. My answer is the secret sauce. Wait for it!  
Cheryl Smithem, Charleston Public Relations & Design from MidlandsBiz on Vimeo.

Need a little secret sauce for your business?

If your firm needs help getting noticed, give us a call. We’ll put our public relations team to work for you to help your business gain attention, increase awareness and grow your audience.
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