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Is your business prepared for a crisis and response?

Is my business is capable of managing a crisis?

If you have to stop and think about your response to this question, your business is probably not prepared to meet, manage or survive a crisis. 

There are some distinct steps in preparation to meet a crisis.

  1. Identifying the type of crises your company may face
  2. Preparation of staff, messages, procedures
  3. Preparation of technology and resources.

Certainly many of us have learned through the 2020 SARS-CoV-2 pandemic that we were not prepared to survive a long-term shutdown from a pandemic.

Most crises fall into several categories and you can identify the types and possibilities most likely to befall your business:

  1. Natural Disaster
  2. Criminal Activity
  3. Accidents

No matter the source, there are steps you can take now to be ready. Let’s discuss what you can do to prepare. Join me for our weekly Marketing Round Table this week on Wednesday at noon.

To register, visit our Marketing Round Table Registration page. 

To get ready, delve into some of the resources we offer you absolutely free to help you prepare in advance for a crisis.

Articles on Crisis Preparation

Use our Crisis Planning and Preparation Checklist.



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