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Charleston PR News

Ideal Client Holly Herrick Lights Our Fire

Without clients our marketing communications agency would not exist. We would not have the opportunity to build websites for interesting businesses. Nor would we have the privilege of sharing news from incredible entrepreneurs who are bringing to market awesome products and services. We’re starting a new blog series on some of our marvelous clients. Over the course of the coming weeks, we’ll share stories of their businesses and what makes them distinctive and why we think they are the ideal client.

Today’s post features Holly Herrick, chef, cookbook author, food writer and tennis fiend. In her own words Holly says,

“I was born in Alabama, but was mostly raised in a rural area west of Boston and later, Florida. As a child, I loved cooking from our garden with my Nanna, but decided I wanted to be a journalist “when I grew up,” so I studied Journalism at Boston College and graduated, cum laude, in 1987. After an early career in sales with Ziff Davis Publishing and subsequent marriage, my interest in cooking and food writing really took off. With good fortune and a dash of tempered bravery, I went off to Paris to study Cuisine and Pastry at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, France, ultimately graduating with Le Grande Diplome in 1992.”

Because I’m a foodie, I’ve been reading and following Holly’s work for years, first when she was the food critic for our local newspaper and later when she started her popular blog Charleston Chow. She has a very “can do” approach to helping readers of her cookbooks cook delectable foods. She demystifies how to make a great pastry or know what to cook with the latest finds at our Charleston Farmers’ Markets or where to dine out and find great food and service. Holly is one of the most generous people I know. She is gracious and kind, sharp as a Henckels knife and as precise as a nuclear physicist.

Why Holly is an ideal client

Holly has trusted us with her brand, allowed us to recode her website and integrate her e-mail marketing and Charleston Chow blog into it as well. She is an incredible client to work with. When she has a question, she asks and we answer. Decisions are made quickly and implemented with alacrity. Holly knows what she wants and is not afraid to say so.

Holly knows what her readers need, how they expect to get it and why they want it. These insights, which she brought to our mutual work process, allowed us to focus on providing her the tools she requires to meet the needs of her readers. Holly, brava to you for knowing where you want to take your business, what objectives you have for it and what results you wish to achieve. In our estimation this makes you our ideal client.

We celebrate you and your awesome work. We say without question that you have  contributed to the success of our business. But more than that, you have enriched our lives And palates!

Holly, here’s to you!

We are not accepting new clients.