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GoDaddy Ad is a Suck Fest or Super Bowl 2013 Spot Fail

GoDaddy is one of the things that sucks

Things that suck. That should have been the name of the GoDaddy spot aired during the 2013 Super Bowl.

Supposedly playing off the old adage that sexy and nerdy don’t mix, the ad has GoDaddy spokesperson Danica Patrick introducing us to Bar Rafaeli who represents sexy and “Walter” who is a prototypical nerd. They suck. Face that is, with all the gross slurps and sounds of the worst kissing I’ve ever seen or heard. The ad’s premise is that GoDaddy is the balance of sexy and nerdy.  Well, knowing all the issues GoDaddy has caused for our clients and hosts of others, I’d never say anything about them is sexy. The only thing I’d say about them is that they are dysfunctional.

ConnectionMaven Tweet

As you can read from my Tweet above,  “GoDaddy, What were you thinking?” Do you want to reinforce the worst things about your brand?

My take on GoDaddy

GoDaddy masquerades as a helpful, easy to use service where you can easily create a website from their templates, or register a domain or host a website.

What ads should do

Ads should reinforce a brand’s features, attributes and benefits, and in this case, the GoDaddy ad does exactly that for me, but certainly not in the way that the ad’s creators or GoDaddy probably expected or imagined.

Do you agree with our assessment of the GoDaddy spot? If not, tell us which ad utterly failed.

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