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Public Relations

Freeing the creative spirit


find a hobby to allow your creative spirit to emerge

With the stress in the work world we can forget that ours is a creative profession. One that requires demands renewal. Most of us worry daily about the source of the next client, the next project. We forget the old lesson, “each day is sufficient unto itself.” The stress wears away at our source, leaching the qualities we need to be productive.

Each day I take time to enjoy the quiet of the early morning hours. I ride my bike, rock on the porch and sip coffee while reading the paper. This is when I gather the forces together that allow me to work daily.

But sometimes we need more. We need a cleansing that comes from intense connection. For some this is religion, or friends or poetry. For me it is sharing life with my friends. Connecting with the universe in a way that gives me understanding of the humanity that we share. Other times is is in my garden. Or watching the birds that thrill me as they visit the flowers I grow.

Creativity is like a garden. There is a wildness and a cultivated aspect to the best of both. A good gardener does all the hard work so that she can relax and enjoy the prospect across the beauty she’s coaxed into being.

Finding that manner of releasing your creativity by either work, relaxation, exercise, or sharing with friends is important. For me it is primal. I can neither work or write without it.

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