Crisis Communications

Our firm is trusted and relied upon to guide leaders and executives during times of crisis. Whether that’s an interruption in business from a natural disaster, a crime committed at your location, or a tragic accident which involves patrons, guests or employees, our perceptive counsel makes a difference.

Help managing difficult situations

Not all crisis situations are bad news — many are simply determining the best manner of communicating news and information to essential audiences. Others are situations which require guidance on how to best communicate significant or breaking news to stakeholders. And most common these days crisis events which create firestorms on social media.

Media training for leaders

When you have a crisis, your firm’s leaders must be able to speak with compassion, confidence, and clarity, to the public and to the media. We prepare leaders to do so.

We guide your crisis team as you prepare responses to the media, your public, suppliers and customers.

What to do in a breaking crisis

While we hope your firm never has need of our advice, we respond to crisis needs quickly and begin planning immediately. Ring us or email us at any hour of the day or night at 843-628-6434.