What is the Divine Feminine and 5 Ways to Harness It?

We stand at a critical moment. Our Mother, the Earth, is calling to each of us to embrace her. To accept our partnership and to rise up, speak out.

We must move from a patriarchal society to a balanced one. To do this, each of us are called to create change for a better world through our love of nature.

Anne Baring tells us that each soul is a part of the web of the universe, the cosmos, the planet on which we reside.

Ancient cultures understood the delicate balance between all life and themselves. They took care to live in harmony. However, with the rise of agriculture and patriarchy, the Divine Femine was trampled. Control, consumption and degradation became the norm. The very feminine nature bringing forth life, of being productive, became dominated by men. Through this division, what was once revered was considered filthy, profane. Better not heard or seen. That was then. This is now. We are seen. We are heard.

We no longer live in a state of ignorance of the power of our Mother. Indeed, her cries are all around us. Songbird populations are diminishing. Oceans are warming. Forests are being cut in vast swathes. Fishes and corals are disappearing. We, joined through the web of creation are their voices. We can restore harmony. Balance.

We. We are the ones who to use the power of our hearts to bring about a new conviction. A healing. We know the power of life. We now call out in full voice.

Consider these five ways to begin to use your Divine Feminine

  1. Become aware. See where in your community our Mother needs you. Perhaps it is the need for a new nature preserve? Or the reclamation of a garden plot in the middle of the city? Perhaps it is the abandonment of former companion animals into the streets.
  2. Make a plan. Once you are heart-directed, determine the thing you can do to make change. Find others who are like minded. Enumerate your steps. Set about elucidating your priorities.
  3. Take action. Realizing that our Mother is more than 3 billion years old, we recognize that we must plan our actions with an eye to the long game. You may achieve immediate results, but take steps to ensure that the result is sustainable.
  4. Evaluate. After action evaluation allows you to gain insights into what worked for you and what brought the change you desired.
  5. Repeat. Do not rest. Realize that a commitment to protecting life is — lifelong. Continue this cycle. Which is, in truth, the cycle of the Divine Feminine.

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Pea Horsley is the UK’s most highly regarded animal communicator, TEDx speaker, grounded teacher, empowering mentor and best selling author of three books: Heart to Heart, The Animal Communicator’s Guide Through Life, Loss and Love, and Animal Communication Made Easy. Pea created The Pride membership as an answer to the global pandemic where a global council of animals advises humanity.