If The Kitchen Is The Heart Of The Home, These Appliances Are Its Soul

The most important room in your home is undoubtedly the kitchen. In novels, movies, and across every culture, the kitchen is the place family and friends gather to share good times, to inspire and console one another. The kitchen is emblematic of warmth. Home. Family. It is the hearth where good foods are cooked and consumed.

Perhaps from our ancient past, our genes remember how the cookfire is a place of security. Today, however, unlike our ancestors, we use highly-controlled, precise gas ranges to allow us to roast our chops, broil our steaks, braise stews and bake delectable cakes and sweets.

At Empava, we celebrate your desire to enhance your life and perfect your kitchen by igniting the flame of our gas ranges. Our line of professional quality gas ranges and cooktops bring culinary perfection to your home. We have paired leading technology with precise control to offer appliances that make cooking a delightful experience.

A wave of remodeling is coming

The global Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 kept us all at home, and as a result, we each gained a new appreciation of our kitchen. Being so close to home, we have a greater regard for the things we like about cooking at home and we have certainly all realized the flaws in our kitchens. In 2021 one can be assured of a wave of kitchen renovations from new homeowners and buyers of new-to-them homes.

Only a few years ago, in 2017, 43% of survey respondents told houzz they remodeled their kitchen because they, “Can no longer stand the old kitchen.” Coming out of 2020 the percentage of people who hold similar thoughts escalated leading to increased kitchen refurbishment.

On-trend designs for 2021 as predicted by Homes and Gardens indicate that stylish owners are choosing strongly veined marble surfaces and using wood to give warmth. This year, dark dramatic colors overtake the blindingly white kitchens of 5 years ago. Also on-trend are strong pops of accent colors and double islands for ease of prep. Sleek cabinet fronts are set to make an appearance as do handless doors and drawers. Gold tone accents continue their climb into prominence with H&G editors even predicting gold toned sinks. Tidy and clean kitchens retain their prominence for homeowners. Think larders, pantries and tucked away sculleries as kitchens continue to be gathering spaces and not limited to cooking and meal prep.

In the 2017 survey 83% houzz respondents noted that they will replace at least one of their kitchen appliances. The desire for gas ranges and cooktops is increasing year over year with 53% of those surveyed in 2017 saying they prefer gas. When it comes to selecting cooktops or slide-in ranges, more mature buyers choose cooktops and separate ovens and younger buyers prefer slide-in ranges.

Our Empava line offers a choice for every buyer at every stage of life.

Consider our 36GR04 36 inch stainless steel, pro-style, slide-in, gas range with six sealed burners.

This beauty has a 5.2 cubic foot oven with a stylish blue porcelain interior and which cooks evenly thanks to a convection oven which you may turn on at the push of a button. The range’s infrared broiler means you have precise control over broiling whether you’re cooking fish or beef or toasting bread or melting cheese on French Onion Soup. In the oven, there are two repositionable, included racks for accurate placement of your food at the correct cooking height. The panoramic triple-layered-tempered-glass oven viewing window and two interior halogen lights let you see how your turkey is doing without opening the door. Triple glazing is also safer and helps prevent accidental scorching to you if you bump against it.

On the stovetop, whether you’re simmering or boiling, you have pinpoint infinite control with our six sealed burners and automatic reignition to prevent blowouts in drafty rooms. Dual heat burners give you even more control to cook at high temps or slowly simmer. You’ll even be able to tell which burners are lit because of the integrated blue LED lights in every zinc alloy control knob.

If a slide-in cooktop is your preference, don’t overlook our 36 inch pro-style Professional Slide-in Natural Gas Rangetop with six deep, recessed and sealed ultra high-low burners and heavy duty continuous grates in stainless steel with a two year warranty.

Empava’s slide-in gas range top means ease of cooking for all your favorite dishes. This is the cooktop of breakfast cooking dreams. Sizzle bacon while you cook French Toast and coddle eggs. With 18,000-BTU of cooking power, you can be assured of error-free cooking.

This cooktop is certified by the CSA in the United States and Canada. It comes standard with six versatile burners: two single 18000-BTU burners, three single 12000-BTU burners, a dual ring 15000-BTU burner (650-BTU for simmering) which distribute even heat. Like our range, these burners reignite if they are accidentally extinguished. Blue LED indicator lights are integrated into the zinc alloy knobs to signal which burners are turned on. Cleanup is a cinch with the one-piece range top that ensures no drips will be out of reach. And when you do get a boil-over, you can pop the grates off and wash in them in the dishwasher. Our engineers have thought of every improvement to make this professional quality cooktop easy to use giving you meticulous control and high-quality design.

Complete the soul of your kitchen with a sleek, contemporary and professional looking range hood.

Empava’s 36RH04 wall-mounted hood swiftly vents cooking odors, smoke and fumes to the outside. With a three speed fan and bright, integrated LEDs to illuminate your cooking, you’ll be pleased with the design which complements our range or cooktop. For ease of cleaning, you can put the baffle style filter in the dishwasher. Operated by a remote control or by touch panel, this hood comes standard with a five year warranty.

No matter what your kitchen design choices are, at Empava, we believe that your kitchen is the heart and soul of your home. A haven and refuge from difficulty, it is your hearth...where you gather and celebrate and we’re gratified to join you there with our practical, everyday indulgences in glimmering stainless steel.

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