Home Interior Design Trends Shaped on Instagram

Instagram’s launch altered visual content consumption

Since its launch in 2010 as an iOS app, Instagram has re-shaped our visual appetites and the way we view and interact with our world. Through the use of Instagram’s filters, anyone can edit and share visually compelling and creative photos and videos. Not only that, people may use hashtags to search, curate and follow topics within the platform. People around the world took to the platform and today it is used by approximately 1.22 billion people.

Because of its native ability to share compelling visual content, tastemakers in the fields of interior design, fashion, the arts and music use it to debut new ideas, designs and styles.

A recent search using the hashtag #interiordesign results in 117,472,993 posts beautifully illustrating stunning homes.

Looking for inspiration for a new project? Do what most people do and turn to Instagram.

Of Influencers, Design and Instagram

Influencers in interior design also use Insta to allow followers to get inside peeks into their world, following projects from inception to completion. Regular people, too, use Instagram to share their interior artistry, tagging home furnishings companies such as West Elm and Crate and Barrel when they use one of the firm’s products in their own homes. These brands will frequently share and aggregate creative consumers’ posts into their own feed, expanding a visual idea across millions of followers.

Designers such as our firm, Studio 11, use our Instagram presence to convey what moves us and how we employ materials in our concepts. We are able to show you complete views of interiors with 3D software or share the texture of the wood cladding on walls in a new space. Instagram becomes a portfolio of ideas in action.

The Instagram Effect

The Instagram effect could be described as the expectation that people now expect their own homes to be Instagram worthy and ready to serve as the backdrop of their daily lives.

During the global SARS-CoV-2 pandemic with people working from home and hosting Zoom meetings with colleagues, the pressure to have an Instagram worthy backdrop to your virtual conferences has surged. Whether it’s a properly styled bookcase with just the right decorative touches to a splendid dining table, people are seeking to have their home environments represent them.

When you need savvy style and design innovation, turn to Instagram and find a designer or influence for your home’s interior.