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Summertime Urgent Care Needs: When to Seek Urgent Care

Now that winter and flu season are behind us, summertime brings a new set of potential health issues. UV rays, high heat, and pesky insects can all cause problems that may require a visit to [Urgent Care Center]. I’ve suggested a few ways to determine when to seek urgent care for summertime related issues.


I love to get out on the water in my boat, cruising the harbor, rivers and creeks. Those long days of bright sun on the boat, at the beach or just working in your yard mean high sunburn likelihood. When you’re not diligent about reapplying sunscreen, you’ll get burned. So prevention is critical.

If you forget and get a minor sunburn, it can be soothed with aloe vera and a few days out of the sun. If, however, you experience any of these symptoms, come see us immediately:


With all the outdoor activities going on, accidents are bound to happen. Biking and skating falls, jellyfish stings, stepping on a nail, falls on the playground or the deck surrounding a swimming pool —these can lead to serious injuries that require urgent care. Swollen limbs and joints are another reason to visit us, and while arm and leg accidents are more likely, seek urgent care for even minor head injuries. But remember, if you or your loved one loses consciousness, bleeds excessively or cannot walk or talk, 911 should be called!


Remember last summer’s heat advisories? Well, they’re bound to return this year when humidity and temperatures rise. Heatstroke and dehydration can happen if you are out in the heat without adequate shade and liquids. Though dehydration is dangerous, heatstroke is an even more serious condition and should be treated in emergency care. If you or your family has any of these symptoms, immediately seek attention:


Children with asthma can have increased attacks in the summer due to sports activities.
Parents, be prepared and carry your child’s inhaler or medication when they’re at the playground or playing sports. If your asthmatic child is wheezing, has flare-up symptoms that last 5-10 minutes or seems to be having trouble talking, call 911. If symptoms are less severe, bring them to an urgent care center.


The colorful flowers of spring and summer may be nice to look at, but for those of you with respiratory allergies, watery eyes, itchy nose, and coughing aren’t so nice. Even though most of these symptoms don’t seem urgent, complications arising from seasonal allergies may need immediate care. Seek care when you have:

Bites and Stings

Bees, wasps, hornets and fire ants are all unwanted insects that come with summertime. Their bites and stings can turn from mild to severe within minutes and, in some cases, may cause a life-threatening condition called anaphylactic shock requiring emergency care. Call 911 for an ambulance if you, your family or friends experience any of these symptoms after a sting or bite:  difficulty breathing, abdominal pain and loss of blood pressure and circulation, nausea, and facial swelling. When your reaction is not life-threatening, and causes itching, swelling, redness or pus on the site of the bite, you may want to seek urgent care.

For many, summertime is a favorite season in Charleston, but it brings its own health threats.

Be safe by knowing when the symptoms are treatable, and when urgent care as needed.
As always, [Urgent Care Center] is here for you.