Blog Post for Command and Control Environments

In mission critical command and control room environments, where incoming data streams in 24/7/365, there is no tolerance for down-time. So, when your command and control room needs to expand, or be re-configured, it’s vital for your space to be easy to rearrange. Raised flooring, a structurally-sound, perfectly-level floor with a 3” to 72” cavity that allows for clean and uncluttered delivery of power, data and mechanical (heating and air ducting) processes is increasingly preferred as it allows for efficient and effective re-configurations.

Change is the norm

Broc Higgins, a sales representative for Command and Control Environments (CCE), says, “Our customers require technology when they need it, where they need it and the flexibility to make rapid alterations to meet changes in their mission.   Raised flooring coupled with zone power/data distribution allows for point-of-use power/data with virtually limitless delivery options.”

Higgins continues, “Factory constructed and UL listed modules increase the systems reliability while the standardized pretested components meet the tight schedules that mission critical spaces demand. Adds, moves, and changes are made with ease and done with owner personnel eliminating the need for coordination with outside contractors.”

Planning for expansion

Freedom to respond to changes allows focus on the most important aspect of the command and control room: managing situations, or data or processes.

According to Higgins, This “keeping-the-eye-on-the-ball” ability starts in the planning process. “And when done correctly planning creates an adaptable and expandable space allowing for maximum accommodation and coordination of incident/event information and resources for management.”  

During planning, the company team must realize that due very nature of control room spaces and critical environments that all, personnel, equipment and technology must allow for dramatic change to accommodate the workflow. If the future is not part of the scope in planning, “there is always a danger of falling behind technologically.”

Knowledge means peace of mind

Turning to an integrated solution provider with experience in planning, configuring and installing raised flooring and zone power/data distribution means that a management will have experts on their side. Everyone will have confidence that specifications will be detailed beyond normal and the constructs will be clear and concise. Therefore, having subject matter experts involved from the beginning, contributes to a company’s confidence to conduct their business while their needs are met and planned for.

The peace of mind that comes from knowing there are knowledgeable partners means you won’t be left scrambling to alter your control room when changes are necessary.