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Accurate, responsive payroll services

Federal, state and government reports

Ensuring accurate, timely and compliant paychecks is only part of what PSG provides your company. Our full-service payroll division allows you to simply notify us of each employee’s gross wages and we do the rest.

Simplifying payroll and withholding

We calculate FICA and Medicare taxes as well as South Carolina taxes and federal taxes.

We manage and deposit tax payments and file your company employee tax deposits with both the State and Federal Agencies.

We direct deposit all employees’ earnings and manage check production and delivery.

Our reporting tools provide you with electronic records of all employees’ pay and all the analytical tools you need to understand all aspects of your firm’s payroll.

All you have to do is email, call or fax us your payroll numbers for each employee, and we’ll do the rest.

Enroll in our payroll services today.