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Content Marketing In Detail

Most effective business to consumer content marketing
According to Marketing Charts’ recent article, 86% of consumer facing marketers are using content marketing. The majority (84%) via social media (other than blogs), finds a new report from the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs. Chart courtesy of Marketing Chart.**

Content marketing is critical to your business success

No doubt you have seen many articles and references to content marketing. While we recommend this tactic to our clients and use it ourselves, we find that many owners of small businesses don’t accept or prioritize this crucial marketing activity.

Content Marketing explained

As we practice and recommend it, content marketing includes authoring, sharing, and curating unique content via your blog and social media channels. Dominant social media channels include Twitter, Facebook Pages, Google+, SlideShare, YouTube, and Scribd as well as Flickr. There are many additional channels, some which may perform better based on your business and customers and where they are found on the Interwebs.

Your blog must be integrated into your website and is, in our opinion, the first placement for the majority of your content. Creating channel specific content, content unique to each channel, which directs individuals to in-depth articles on your blog and website is a co-leading tactic.

Experts agree

In an excellent article from, James A. Martin provides an excellent overview, examples and insight from highly qualified sources.

We’ve digested a few of the article’s important opening points and direct you to it for closer reading. You will also find best practices included in the article and in our previous blog posts on the topic of Content Marketing.

Martin writes, “In recent months, content marketing has become a hot buzzword as businesses strive to navigate Google algorithm updates and convert targeted prospects into customers.”

“…content marketing is an umbrella term that ‘captures all the different ways to communicate within a marketing, lead generation and retention framework,’ says Scott Fasser, director of digital marketing solutions for Optify, a B2B digital marketing software company.

Brian Clark, founder and CEO of Copyblogger Media states, “content marketing refers to any piece of content—including tweets, blog posts, YouTube videos, downloadable white papers, email newsletters, webinars and website articles—designed to build a “direct relationship with prospects and customers.”

“The goals of content marketing are to convert prospects into customers and customers into brand advocates. Through effective content marketing, a business engages its target audience by answering questions they have, helping them solve problems or entertaining them. The hope is that prospects will see the brand as a trusted, reliable source and, most importantly, a company they want to do business with.”

“Social Media, SEO Drive Content Marketing
The rise of social media is one reason that content marketing has become more important today. “In the past, you may have created a piece of content and put it on your site or in an email newsletter. Now, you have all these social channels to feed,” Fasser says. “The good news is you can take a single piece of content and make it work across multiple channels, especially social media networks. It all feeds back to your brand.”

“…Google tends to give top rankings to content that is original (as opposed to duplicate), lives on sites with high domain authority attracts links from other sites, and is shared on Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks, among other factors, Fasser says.”

For the full article, including helpful tips, please click this link to read it on CIO.

For assistance creating content, developing a content marketing calendar, or integrating a blog into your website, contact us. We have monthly content marketing plans.

**To read the report from on how business to consumer marketing officers are using content marketing and their preferred channels, click this link to be directed to the article.