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Charleston PR News

Charleston’s First WordCamp and Other News

By: Robert Scoble

WordPress conference to feature national, local speakers

Picture this: hundreds of people who use and understand the world’s most used CMS (content management system) gathered in Charleston to learn from one another. Makes a compelling vision, but it won’t be only a vision. It’s happening this year in Charleston—our first WordCamp. (I’m delighted to say that I’m helping out on the organizing committee.)

Put the date May 17 on your calendar and visit the WordCamp Charleston website. And if you are so inclined, become a sponsor or a volunteer. Registration will open soon, so visit the WordCamp Charleston website frequently or subscribe for updates.

Workshops galore coming in 2014

It’s no secret that I enjoy teaching workshops. The energy I gain from interesting, creative entrepreneurs who are developing a business for themselves feeds my psyche.

I’ve recently been invited by the local SCORE chapter to become a member, leading workshops on topics related to marketing, web design and development and public relations. We’re still developing the schedule for the year, but the first one up on the schedule will be on March 18 when I’ll be leading a workshop on Digital Marketing. While not an entry level workshop, it is suitable for those who have a beginning grasp on social media and their firm’s market/position.

During the workshop we’ll cover the following topics:

  1. Content Strategy: Creating great content to use in your owned media channels
  2. Content distribution: How to share your content to get the greatest engagement, and benefit
  3. Social Media and social media sharing and advertising (on most popular channels): Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter
  4. Email marketing: Cultivate current, past and future clients
  5. Blogging: Position your business through your own created content
  6. Search marketing pay per click: Google PPC ads: Paying to get traffic with ads for your target markets

What topics to you think I should address in upcoming workshops at SCORE? Tell me in comments on this post.

South Carolina Women’s Business Center workshops

In May, I’ll be returning the the South Carolina Women’s Business Center in Charleston to present an updated version of my popular workshop Blogging for Business. Keep your eyes focused on their website for updated opportunity to register for this.

And it’s only January, what will the year bring? If it’s anything like the first few weeks, I’m going to put on my skates, cause we’re rolling!

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