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Charleston PR News

Charleston PR & Design holds free, weekly virtual marketing round table

Cheryl Smithem, Founder and CEO of Charleston PR & Design, LLC announces the firm’s launch of a weekly, virtual marketing round table. The event debuts at noon on Wednesday, April 29 and continues weekly, every Wednesday.

Smithem said, “We see this as a way to give back to local and regional businesses who have really taken an economic hit. Our goal is to share our marketing insights and advice — without cost — during a round table event. We hope business owners will join in to get answers to their questions about email marketing, website content and marketing, social media or marketing collateral. We’re open to any marketing questions and we look forward to learning from owners who have success stories about how they have pivoted. When we collaborate, we strengthen the whole community.”

To register to join in the virtual conference, visit the registration page on our website. Registrants will receive an email confirming their participation and providing them the information regarding how to attend and participate.

About: Charleston PR & Design, LLC is an integrated public relations and marketing communications firm supporting businesses and professionals. We increase awareness of our client’s companies. We improve our clients’ communication with their customers. We guide leaders in times of corporate crisis. The firm provides public relations, crisis communications, media relations, branding and identity design, digital marketing, website design and development, marketing collateral, and copywriting services to clients.