Setting Facebook Page Notifications and Managing Pages

Facebook Page management help

How closely are you monitoring your Facebook Page?  Have you reviewed your settings for your Page so that you understand who can post to your Page?  Are you receiving notifications when someone does post to your Page?

Apparently one Lowcountry nonprofit organization is not paying very close attention to their Facebook Page.  It’s a bit after 3:00 PM and I’ve noticed that a  post which entices people to view sexy videos of scantily clad women was made to their Page in the morning – and it’s yet to be deleted. Certainly this is not the kind of service this nonprofit wants to promote. Fortunately, few people visit a Facebook Page after they have liked it, preferring instead to interact with Page posts within their personal newsfeed or Page feed. (On the screen capture below, we’ve obscured the name of the organization and people depicted in the section of the Page captured.)

Facebook guest post to page for nonprofit

Facebook notification settings

When you set up your Page, review your notification settings to be certain that you will receive notifications for each and every type of action made on your Page. Below is a screen capture showing you what to click on to get to the area of your Facebook Page’s management area to adjust and customize your notification settings.

Screen capture of Facebook notification setting area

If you have staff turnover, also remember to modify your Page’s admin roles to change who receives the notifications from the Page.

Managing Page Roles and Admins

Many organizations’ managers forget to do this and as a result, have people no longer responsible for a Page receiving notifications and still permitted to access a Page’s information and insights.

Before you go another day, why not check your Facebook Page settings to be certain that you and / or the appropriate people are receiving Page notifications and have the correct Page admin role to administer the Page.

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The Future of Social Media Has Arrived: Meet Broadcast App Periscope

Broadcast app Periscope invites you to “Explore the world through someone else’s eyes.”

Social media keeps evolving. Far from being the one-sided stream of inane pics of food or defamatory posts about politics, social media in our opinion allows people to create and build interpersonal interactions. From San Francisco comes the newest face of our socially centered world, one that may just have a way to further confirm a more immediate and interpersonal element that outlets like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter may be missing.


Social broadcast your business

Meet Periscope, the newest video broadcasting app for social media users. This smartphone app for Android and Apple isn’t like watching television or even YouTube. Broadcasters live stream and connect with others in real-time. Viewers can send direct messages to interact with the broadcaster, or tap the screen to send “hearts,” showing appreciation in the same manner as a “like” on Facebook. Viewers ask questions as well creating a truly interactive video stream. Though separate from Twitter, the two companies have joined forces to cooperate with one another, making the perks of both apps available to users for optimal usage. As such, Periscope videos can be shared on or linked to Twitter, allowing users of both applications to glance into the lives of their fellow posters. Followers are instantly notified when broadcasters are live, offering audiences everywhere the power of the shared experience.

Different from Vine or Instagram video posts, Periscope allows users of the broadcast app to serve up video in real-time. Vine and Instagram video posts were captured in the past and then posted and shared.

Thus far, Periscope users have been treated to the sight of someone rising in a hot air balloon over the Sonoma Valley, a live performance by a private pianist who could play any request the audience could throw out, a tour of Glacier Park guided by one of its rangers, a monologue rehearsal for Jimmy Fallon before an episode of The Tonight Show, and a backstage look into the Paris Opera ballet provided by Benjamin Millepied.

Locally, Charleston news broadcasters Rafael James of WCSC Live 5 News and reporter Hanna Raskin of the Post and Courier used the app to report news and cover events related to the “Mother” Emanuel AME massacre.

Periscope is a broadcast app

Within the app, you may follow people from your Twitter group who are also on Periscope or you may use third party website Perisearch, which requires registration to find and follow or watch on your laptop, tablet or desktop (does anyone really use desktops anymore?)

Upon starting a broadcast, you can let your Twitter followers know that you’re live streaming by tapping on the Twitter icon. Live streams will be viewable on the web, but not after they are over. For details on all aspects of using Periscope, consult their easy to use help files.

There are many marketing and public relations uses we envision for Periscope. With it, live tweeting now becomes live coverage. Rather than wait on news media to cover and broadcast your event, with Periscope you have the tools to connect with current and future  customers and people following you via your Twitter stream. You could broadcast workshops, gatherings, sales, and more.

If your firm finds itself in a crisis situation, using this app to broadcast key leaders as they update people on the situation can help you reach directly to consumers and interested members of the public.

Make your own reality TV broadcast

Luxury Spot lifestyle blogger Bryce Gruber-Hermon has used her Periscope to share beauty tips from her home in New York City. She says, “I’ve been using periscope as a combination of a daily video diary, mini reality show, and live, in the moment version of YouTube tutorials. It’s so much fresher and more authentic than YouTube’s canned music and editing. I love it.”

The Tour de France is also using Periscope to share and interact with viewers.

If you’re interested in using Periscope for yourself or promoting your business, check out the app’s website and learn about its many awesome features.

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Tremes and the Purpose of Life

According to Discovery Science’s Through the Wormhole, “It’s not just genes that govern how we evolve. Our ideas or “memes” are much the same – they are passed on and can shape the way we live. Is the passing of ideas the reason we exist?”

Why do we share?

Have you ever wondered why Internet based jokes, quizzes, images or videos catch our attention and compel us to share and “like” and interact with them? Some scientists say that we’re wired to share ideas that we find in common with others. In Through The Wormhole, tremes are explored as the basis of our purpose in life.

Tremes: Are they why we’re here?

As a fan of the Science Channel’s program, Through the Wormhole, I find myself deeply intrigued when episodes focus on things which some might think are intangible. Such as a recent episode’s question: “What is the purpose of life?”

Watch this video as a scientist explores how shareable, technology based ideas, known as tremes may indeed be our primary reason to be alive.

If you don’t see the video embedded in the post, click to watch on the Science Channel.

What do you think? Is the spreading of ideas across our population a reason for life? This PR person thinks it’s highly probable. Share your thoughts in the comments below.