Slowing down and hanging up my hat

Cheryl Smithem is hanging up her hat.

Over the last 2 years, life has been difficult for many of us. After some recent health issues and the passing of my mother in August, and a scheduled knee replacement, I’m ready to slow down. As I approach my 66th birthday, my thoughts have turned to transitioning into retirement. Beginning October 4, I am going to truncate my office hours to Tuesday-Thursday each week and will be out of the office during my recovery from knee surgery from October 18 – November 12; resuming a limited, half-day schedule on November 16th. I will retire as of December 31, 2021. We have truly enjoyed assisting all our clients with our marketing. Charleston PR & Design, LLC is going to continue hosting websites and will keep all client’s WordPress software updated and secure, however, I will not be performing content edits, updates, or other marketing or PR activities.

Charleston PR & Design, LLC Recognized for Public Relations Excellence on Clutch’s 2021 List of South Carolina’s Best B2B Companies

Today, the Charleston PR & Design, LLC team is proud and excited to reveal that we are named among South Carolina’s brightest B2B providers. Of the 40 companies named to the awards list, ours is the only one recognized for public relations services. Charleston PR & Design designated top public relations firm in South Carolina On August 17, 2021, Clutch announced the top B2B firms in South Carolina. Annually, Clutch recognizes the highest performing companies by industry, service focus, and location. Cheryl Smithem, CEO of Charleston PR & Design, LLC, said of the award, “It is a privilege to be named one of the best in our state. We are grateful to Clutch for bestowing us this recognition. We are  appreciative of the honor this conveys on our firm. Clutch is a respected  directory of reputable B2B industry-leading firms.”  As part of their intensive evaluation process, Clutch considered the following factors:
  • Services offered
  • Former clients
  • Case studies
  • Awards received
  • Social media presence
Ms. Smithem notes, “We thank our clients and customers, whose reviews and comments on our services allowed us to earn this honor. We credit them for supporting us. It may be a cliché, but this award wouldn’t be possible without them.” Clutch offers an independent review and market research platform which provides vendors and B2B companies like Charleston PR & Design referral and exposure potential customers across the globe. Do you have a story to tell or news to convey? Contact our team today and let us tell your story.

Charleston PR & Design, LLC. is the Best Choice for Digital Solutions

Use digital marketing to establish a solid presence

In today’s world of business and technology, it’s important to establish a solid presence online. This typically entails increasing awareness for your brand, improving customer engagement, and harnessing industry insights that can shape the future and growth of any business. This has never been truer now as we are in the midst of a global pandemic. Companies must adapt to digital to get their message across.

It’s time business owners and entrepreneurs realize the power of digital marketing.

At Charleston PR & Design, we comprehend the value digital marketing adds to your presence. Besides being more cost-advantageous than traditional advertising, it’s also a very strategic and practical approach. Most digital platforms provide access to your campaign’s metrics and analytics so you can see how well you’re performing. Additionally, going digital gives you the opportunity to test and then scale your marketing efforts.  Digital marketing is inexpensive when compared to print and television costs per thousand, simple. It also gives you quite the competitive edge.  As advocates of digital marketing, we have witnessed the way our clients using it have been able to grow their business and engage their customers. We have built a strong part of our business on digital marketing and it has translated into our success. One of our clients who has used digital marketing over the years is Shirlie Taylor of Business Success Dynamics. We recently received another positive review on our Clutch page from her. We’ve been helping Business Success Dynamics with PR strategies, digital marketing and content development since 2007. It’s been such a fruitful experience learning and growing with them. We really appreciate Shirlie Taylor taking the time to put in a good word for us: Business Success Dynamics Review of Charleston PR on Clutch Receiving this kind of feedback encourages us to work even harder. And coming from someone with whom we’ve worked with for 14 years, it cements the positive impact our services bring. Aside from being featured on Clutch, we’re also listed as one of the top five digital agencies in Charleston on Clutch’s sister company, The Manifest. The Manifest is a business marketplace where entrepreneurs can congregate and engage with one another. It’s an excellent B2B platform to get industry knowledge, quality information, and access to vendors you can partner with. We would like to thank our clients once again for taking the time to share their positive experiences with our company. It means a lot to us that our work has made a difference in your lives and we’re thankful to be working with such extraordinary people.

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