Branding and Corporate Identity

When it comes to branding, not just any name will do

Your branding or as some call it, corporate identity should be something that will be relevant for many years.

Branding begins with choosing the right name. Choosing wisely allows you to convey your brand promise and attributes to your audience.  And the right name helps your graphic designers craft a logo to state your corporate identity.

Crafting a visual identity with branding

Once you’ve selected a name and created your messages, you need a visual representation of it. That’s a corporate identity; often referred to as branding, a logo or a type treatment. Your logo will be consistent no matter the application or usage; from signage to letterhead.

Your logo

Because your logo is a visual communication between your company and your customers. It should be distinctive. Individual. When customers see it, they should comprehend your brand qualities or understand the benefits of doing business with you. When developing your logo and corporate identity, Charleston PR and Design uses a brand development process that clarifies your brand’s promise, qualities, benefits and features.

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