Want to be one of my peeps? Use good social media etiquette.

A Rant: Why I May Ignore Your Social Media Invitation

Don't ignore a basic rule of social media etiquette. How often have you invited someone to Link, Follow or Friend without reminding the person how you are connected?

Consumers have the right to be forgotten

GDPR Applies to US Companies

New European privacy laws affect US websites, companies and businesses. What is GDPR and why is it going to impact you? Find out what you can do to be certain that your website and email marketing are correctly gaining consent and managing data properly.

Lowcountry BizSC features Founder on Entrepreneur Minute

Charleston PR's founder Cheryl Smithem speaks with Alan Cooper of Lowcountry BizSC about the firm and shares her insights into establishing her business coming out of the recession as well as her top tip, what she calls the secret sauce, for continued growth in every business.